Top 10 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Healthy
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A holiday like Thanksgiving should be a refreshing experience. But often we wake up the day after feeling sick or tired, and often it's because we didn't eat well on that particular day.    Thanksgiving Day is a special occasion for Dr. Jockers and his family and over the years he's learned how to balance his healthy eating with getting into the holiday spirit.    Today he's sharing the Ten Key Strategies that he employs to make Thanksgiving a real pleasure from a health and wellness perspective.   From intermittent fasting on Thanksgiving morning so that you empty out your storage for the sugar you're going to eat later in the day, to advice on how to stimulate cold shock protein, Dr. Jockers is showing us how to eat the turkey stuffing and cranberry sauce with no worries.    Let's get our Daily Gratitude Practice underway with this powerful episode of Functional Nutrition that shows us how to give thanks without giving up on our health! Please join us.   In This Episode:   02:20 Welcome to Thanksgiving Day 04:14 Intermittent Fasting on Thanksgiving Morning  06:03 Staying hydrated (+ MCT oil or butter with your morning coffee) 08:03 Getting morning exercise and a cold shower (for cold shock protein stimulation) 10:40 The Science of Gratitude as a higher state of consciousness   16:55 Use apple cider vinegar before your meals 17:51 Taking digestive enzymes with your meal 18:38 Eating two smaller meals instead of one large meal  21:40 Using the right herbs with your meal for blood sugar stability 23:33 Taking probiotics and a binder in the evenings to deal with toxins in the meals 24:56 Remaining as present as possible with the people around you Kick out toxins and boost your metabolism fast with the master of ALL antioxidants – GLUTATHIONE. When supplementing with high-quality glutathione… You will purge unhealthy toxins. You will lose weight with less effort. You will feel more energetic. You will notice a brighter complexion. And, you will feel much healthier overall!   But here's the thing, not all Glutathione supplements are created equal… If you’re taking Glutathione in capsule or tablet form, you are missing out on key nutrients as they will simply pass through your body without being absorbed (you can thank your stomach acid for that).   However, my friends over at Purality Health have a NEW rapid-absorbing, delicious glutathione spray that delivers this powerful antioxidant straight to the areas of your body that need it most! Just pump a few sprays onto your tongue and watch as toxins naturally purge from your body.   The best part? You can experience these results in as little as 7 days. For a limited time, they are offering a special buy one get one free deal which is backed by a 180-day money-back guarantee. All you need to do is visit to access this exclusive deal.     Say goodbye to toxins in your body! Today, we have a 30% OFF coupon for you!  Visit and use the coupon "DRJ" to access 30% OFF!   Are you struggling with low energy, brain fog, or unexplained belly fat? The problem could be your liver. Your liver is the foundation for good health, performing over 500 functions, from breaking down toxins and nutrients to keeping your cholesterol in check.   Your liver can wear down over time though, but thanks to Liver Health Formula you need never worry about energy crashes, belly fat, and concentration concerns again! Liver Health Formula contains 11 powerful herbs (such as milk thistle) that rejuvenate and recharge your liver.    Liver Health Formula also protects against fatty liver, a silent epidemic affecting 100 million Americans.    When you try Liver Health Formula, you'll also receive a free bottle of Nano Powered Omega 3 to keep your heart and brain healthy today. What a great deal! Go to to receive your Liver Health Formula an
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