The Baggage Has To Match ᐧ EP601
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As we enter season 6, the cliffhanger from season 5 feels brand new again. Maybe that’s because the girls share their stories from that time which includes them being left in the dark and fanning over the drama as well! There was a lot going on and that leaves a lot to unpack! See for privacy information.
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Bryan Greenberg has entertained fans on the big and small screen for over two decades, including playing fan favorite Jake Jaglieski on "One Tree Hill" . . . but now he is expanding his resume to include writer, producer, and director.  Bryan joins Sophia to talk about his new movie, "Junction,"...
Published 02/28/24
Published 02/28/24
In this special episode, One Tree Hill travels back to the 1940s... Some serious drama happened behind the scenes in this episode and it all had to do with…melting wigs?! Revelations are revealed regarding Chad’s writing of the episode. Plus, panic, a weird twist, and a real-life kiss we never...
Published 02/26/24