Very Fast Jackal
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Very Fast Jackal, Master Speed PUA, re-joins the DTFH! Have you heard about this guy Johnny Pemberton? He's a comedian and actor starring in an upcoming film called Mermaid directed by Tyler Cornack. You can learn more about him (and see his upcoming tour dates) at We just thought that was cool. REMINDER! The DTFH is taking a short holiday break! We'll be back with a brand new episode the first week of December. Thank you, and we love you!!! Original music by Aaron Michael Goldberg. This episode is brought to you by: This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self.
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Duncan hosts a special road episode of the DTFH! His liver is NOT failing! It's an experiment. Where are our zyn pouches, congress? Duncan’s coming to Portland, OR, May 30th through June 1st! You can find showtimes and tickets at! Original music by Aaron Michael Goldberg and...
Published 05/13/24
Ari Shaffir, incredible comedian and one of Duncan's best friends, re-joins the DTFH! Check out Ari's new podcast, You Be Trippin’, on youtube and everywhere you listen to podcasts. You can learn more about Ari and see all his upcoming tour dates on his website, You can also...
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Published 05/04/24