Ep. 519 - ADP Check-In: Dynasty Values & Pitfalls
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In Episode 519 of the Dynasty Nerds Podcast, join the seasoned trio of Rich Dotson (@DynastyRich), Matt O'Hara (@DynastyMatt), Garret Price (@DynastyPrice), and Jared Wackerly (@JaredWackerly) as they dissect the latest dynasty startup ADP, highlighting the best values and potential pitfalls in comparison to their expert rankings. This essential episode, aptly titled "ADP Check-In," offers an in-depth analysis tailored to help dynasty enthusiasts confidently navigate their startup drafts. 📊 ADP Analysis: Dive into the current dynasty startup average draft positions, identifying which players are being undervalued and which might cost you more than they're worth. 🔍 Value Picks: Discover the hidden gems in the dynasty landscape, those players whose current ADP could make them steals for your dynasty squad. ⚠️ Overvalued Assets: Caution ahead! Find out which players might not live up to their current draft hype, helping you avoid potential draft day traps. 📈 Rankings vs. ADP: Compare our hosts' expert rankings to current ADPs for a clear picture of the market inefficiencies you can exploit. 💡 Strategic Insights: Gain actionable advice on leveraging this ADP data in your draft strategy, ensuring you build a competitive and value-rich team. Whether you're prepping for a startup draft or looking to fine-tune your existing dynasty roster, 'ADP Check-In' is your guide to mastering the market dynamics of dynasty football. Tune in to turn these insights into your competitive advantage! Download the Dynasty Nerds app on iOS or Android. FFPC: Use promo code NERDS to receive $25 off an orphan or your next startup! Underdog: Sign up using promo code NERDS, deposit $10 with Underdog Fantasy, and receive a FREE DynastyGM + NerdHerd annual bundle membership (new users only) - Click Here to sign up. Sleeper: Sign up with promo code NERDS, deposit $10 with SLEEPER, and receive an instant 100% deposit match up to $100. Play Sleeper Picks and earn 100X your entry, the highest payouts in DFS! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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