Coming Back to God (Conversation)
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In this episode, I talk about the kinds of performance I've been doing recently - storytelling in a sauna, spinning a tale at the London Esperanto Club, improvising at an open mic night, moderating a talk-show discussion and singing in a church choir. I've been busy this past month! No wonder I've been a bit sick, but hopefully my croaky voice won't stop you from enjoying this episode :) Get the transcript for this episode by joining Easy Stories in English Premium! Your support is appreciated! (after you join, go to this episode's description on the Premium feed to get the transcript link) Level: Intermediate. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Published 05/21/24
Published 05/21/24
Today's story I wrote with Alastair Budge from the English Learning for Curious Minds podcast. In last week's episode, we brainstormed the story together, and today we present to you A Visitor from Chilly Bottom. A man who has lived in Antarctica all his life visits the UK for the first time....
Published 05/14/24