US Corporate Negative REAL earnings - a precursor to inflation
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Why is the FED still pumping money into the US economy when the GDP (the whole economy) has recovered from Covid?  Why is the FED holding interest rates down - both FED Funds rate and mortgage rates?  IS Europe moving right?  Why did foreigners see $1% worth of US Treasuries last year, and what does that mean for the future? --- Support this podcast:
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The CPI came in at 5.4%, and that is inflationary.  The US Treasury bonds are decreasing in interest rates, and that is deflationary.  The market is at an all time peak, and if it cracks, it is deflationary.  What is going on?  How can we have inflation (and we all feel that inflation at the...
Published 07/18/21
Where did the term "TINA" come from?  And, how is it being used today in the financial markets?  The bond market is rising - so what does this very significant move mean?  How is President Putin upsetting the French today - and why is the EU toothless in protecting the French? --- Support...
Published 07/11/21
In the strong US economy, there exist a few cracks and worries.  MMT is one of them as money printing does not create wealth, nor does it drive the economy.  No one is talking about Credit Default Swaps, but what if?  Buffett makes it clear that the US Government and FED are allowing leveraged...
Published 07/04/21