How to move from embracing to celebrating difference
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In this second of two EG Property Podcasts looking at the power of difference, EG editor Samantha McClary asks whether real estate has really moved from tolerating difference to embracing and celebrating them. Joining her in this 40 minute discussion are Sasha Covington, chief operating officer in JLL's UK valuation advisory business, Michael Toft, head of care homes at Octopus Real Estate and Canary Wharf Group's managing director of people and culture Jane Hollinshead. Listen in as the trio discuss how much further real estate needs to move and what actions it has to take if difference really is to be celebrated.
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Published 12/05/21
Jess Harrold returns to EG's weekly round-up podcast, inviting editor Sam McClary and head of content Emily Wright to talk talent. McClary airs her views on the importance to real estate of understanding the wants and needs of the best-and-brightest from all walks of life, and Wright shares...
Published 12/05/21
Jess Harrold looks ahead to next week's Supreme Court appeal in Fearn and others v Board of Trustees of Tate Gallery [2020] EWCA Civ 104; [2020] EGLR 14 - a high-profile breach of privacy claim brought by neighbours to the Tate Modern gallery, complaining about a viewing platform that offers...
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