Heartbeat and Gen Servers featuring Luca Peppe - EMx 136
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Luca Peppe built a health check and heartbeat system for the systems at work in Elixir. While the implementation uses many basic features from Elixir and Phoenix, the way that it underscores the fundamentals of Elixir is helpful for both the experienced and the new Elixir developer. Panel Charles Max Wood Sascha Wolf Guest Luca Peppe Sponsors Dev Influencers Accelerator Links How to easily create a healthcheck endpoint for your Phoenix app, the Elixir way GitHub | ostinelli/syn GitHub | ninenines/ranch LinkedIn: Luca Peppe Picks Charles- Audible Charles- The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry Charles- Atlas Shrugged Charles- Oathbringer Luca- Craft GraphQL APIs in Elixir with Absinthe Sascha- Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us Contact Charles: Devchat.tv DevChat.tv | Facebook Twitter: DevChat.tv ( @devchattv ) Contact Sascha: Sascha Wolf
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