dead moms
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i talk with whitmer thomas (his special “the golden one” is out now on HBO) about our dead moms. how have we processed our grief ? do we feel anger toward our deceased mothers ? what horrific and hilarious memories can we conjure from our mothers’ terminal months ?
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Published 11/18/20
i talk with bestselling author / harvard psychology professor susan david about handling difficult emotions. how can we avoid brooding in or bottling up our feelings ? how does knowing our values help us to manage our emotions ? what's the matter with today's increasingly popular happiness...
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i talk with comedian/actress esther povitsky (her special Hot For My Name is out on Comedy Central now) about antidepressants. how did getting on antidepressants change esther's life ? what led her to get on them in the first place ? and should i get on them immediately ?!?!?
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