Investments Don't Do Good | Series 7.1
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What do you want your investments to do for you and are they on track to do it? So if my investments are doing good, that means they're on track to having the fuel that I need to get me to the goal that I'm trying to reach. (05:47) This is why I say investments are far less important in the grand scheme of things than planning. The planning is what gives you clarity, and the planning is what makes things possible. (06:18) So if you don't have the desire or the ability to properly compare and evaluate your different funds, then you need to in my strong opinion either A) hire an advisor who knows how to do this for you, or B) use an allocation fund that has a manager who can make sure you aren't overly concentrated in any one area. (08:18) Quote for the episode: "Goal statements: I now understand what I want my investments to do, and how I should be evaluating if they are doing that. I want my investments to get me to a goal. So are they on a path to do that? And are they doing so effectively when I compare them to their peers?" (08:45) Securities offered through TFS Securities, Inc., and Advisory Services through TFS Advisory Services, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor Member FINRA/SIPC. TFS Securities, Inc., is located at 437 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft, NJ 07738 (732) 758-9300.
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