The Crow and the Pitcher | Series 8.6
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"Little by little, a little becomes a compounding interest!" - paraphrasing a Tanzanian proverb You get your first 401(k) statement that you threw a couple pebbles into and it essentially says you know, "well thanks for playing, but you still have pretty much nothing", right? (02:19) And the great thing, unlike the crow with his little pebbles, the pebbles that we're using those amounts grow on themselves. (02:46) Every dollar that you put in grows on the next dollar and the next dollar. So every pebble, when you do it, is going to raise the water up faster to the surface than the one before it. (02:53) Quote for the episode: "If you were wanting to retire tomorrow, it probably wouldn't matter if you threw in a couple more pebbles. It really wouldn't. If you're retiring 30 years from now though, it certainly does matter a lot." (03:29) Securities offered through TFS Securities, Inc., and Advisory Services through TFS Advisory Services, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor Member FINRA/SIPC. TFS Securities, Inc., is located at 437 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft, NJ 07738 (732) 758-9300.
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