How to Bounce Back After a Difficult Experience with Your Dog
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While the ultimate goal is to constantly be proactive, not reactive, when it comes to our dogs, the simple truth is that we’re only human. Stressful situations are part and parcel of everyday life, and we all succumb to them every now and then. That’s why this episode of Enlightened by Dogs is all about various ways we can recover quickly when we get into difficult situations with our dogs. It all starts from a place of understanding. Kathy explains the science behind what makes us feel safe or unsafe and how that affects our connection with our dogs. She also delves into a few ways we can pull ourselves back once we’re triggered and, in turn, keep our dogs safe, calm, and happy. In this episode: How our natural system of connection and coregulation works Why social and cultural learning are vital to our relationship with our dogs Kathy shares strategies and tips for handling stressful situations Quotes: “With our very first breath, we’re on a quest to feel safe in our bodies, our environment, and in our relationships with others — all social animals have that built-in driver.” “When we feel stressed or anxious, our nervous system slips into survival or defensive mode, and that’s what our dog's nervous system connects to.” “When we calm ourselves, we’re literally making ourselves available for our dog's insides to connect with our insides. Then we can both feel safe, calm, and happy.” Want More of Kathy? Brilliant Partners Academy Dancing Hearts Dog Academy Website Facebook Community
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