Handling Leash Reactivity the Partnership Way
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Is your dog reactive on the leash? Maybe your dog hates being on the leash and won’t even let you put it on. Or, perhaps your dog pulls on the leash and lunges towards other dogs, moving objects, or other people. Whatever the case, your dog is not a fan of the leash and will do just about anything to avoid it! If any of this sounds familiar, this is the episode for you! Kathy has met hundreds (if not thousands) of dog moms through the years who have dealt with this frustrating issue. The good news is that there are ways to calm a reactive dog, and inside the Brilliant Partners Academy, Kathy teaches ‘the partnership way’ to handle leash reactivity. In this episode, Kathy shares some of her best advice for dog moms struggling with leash reactivity using tried and tested partnership principles! You’ll also hear a segment from a real-life coaching session that Kathy did with a BPA member struggling with a very leash-reactive dog. Enjoy! In this episode: How to react when a strange dog approaches your dog Why you should create a protective bubble for you and your dog The importance of staying connected to your dog during stressful situations How remaining safe, calm, and happy can help build your dog’s trust Why you should try to prepare and prevent incidents from happening Read the blog post on this topic. Quotes: “Have the intention of putting you and your dog inside of a protective bubble.” “Be present, calm and attentive to how your dog feels.” “We make decisions based on what we know to be true today with our dog.” “You don't need to try to fake it, be honest with your dog.” Want More of Kathy? Brilliant Partners Academy Dancing Hearts Dog Academy Website Facebook Community To read the blog post on this topic and to explore other episodes, click here.
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