"If I was..." or "If I were..." ?
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Today we have a GREAT question from a student who asked: “Which is correct: if I was… or if I were…?” The answer is that we use BOTH in English, but in different situations! I’ll give you some good examples to make it clear. Try to practice this right away by writing two sentences – one with “if I were” and one with “if I was” – to help you remember when to use each one correctly! Do you sometimes find yourself frustrated by English grammar? The problem might be that nobody has explained it to you very clearly - and when you look for grammar information online, it can just confuse you more...   Inside my Grammar E-Books, each lesson is clearly explained to make it as easy as possible to learn correct grammar and use it confidently. They have 70+ lessons, with quizzes, and also audio for listening practice - and you can get both e-books for the GREAT price of $7!
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Published 11/16/22