250. Higher Contribution for Large-Scale Change with Dr. Rajiv Shah (Part 2)
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Welcome back to part two of my conversation with Dr. Shah. Dr. Shah is the president of the Rockefeller Foundation. Previously to that he was responsible for USAID, including being on the very front lines of the response to the ebola crisis. Now, you may never have heard of Dr. Shah before. You may not have followed the story especially closely, but you can be absolutely sure that the work that he and others around him did prevented an unbelievably dire situation from happening around the world. As is often the case, we don't always remember the people that prevent problems. That's part of the problem. That's the disincentive, but in this episode, we get to celebrate somebody who did, and whatever our political persuasions happened to be, we can be grateful that people like Dr. Shah have stepped up to contribute in their way so that we can contribute in our way. Learn more from Dr. Shah here: https://www.rockefellerfoundation.org/big-bets/ Join my weekly newsletter at GregMcKeown.com/1mw Learn more about my books and courses at GregMcKeown.com
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