Everyday Neuro 017: The Art of Relaxation - Learn Effective Ways to Reduce Tension and Anxiety
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In Episode 17, I discuss the topic of relaxation and how we can engage in breath work to help reduce tension and anxiety. I talk with Tessa Hughes, an experienced mindfulness practitioner about the benefits that mindfulness and meditation can bring to our thinking and wellbeing.
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In Episode 16, I discuss advances in research and technology that are attempting to improve the safety of playing high impact adult and youth sports. I talk with Damien Hawes about an innovative mouth guard developed by HITIQ that has the potential to further our understanding of the effects of...
Published 10/31/19
In Episode 15 Part 2, I discuss some of the symptoms of stroke including coordination and communication issues, and explain how this is organised in the brain. I complete my interview with Cassie Watson, who explains how stroke has affected her Dad’s abilities and how humour and resilience has...
Published 09/30/19