Exeter S2 Trailer
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Picking up where season one left off, Detective Colleen Clayton (Jeanne Tripplehorn) and her partner Pruitt (Ray McKinnon) follow a trail of confessions that lead them back to Exeter’s most infamous unsolved crime: The brutal murder of two teenage lovers.
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Colleen and Pruitt set a trap for the killer with the help of Aaron, which doesn’t go as planned. Colleen worries about the fallout for Leland once the truth finally comes out, and they try to move on.
Published 07/09/19
After the events on the bridge, Colleen suspects Lucy might be involved in her father's death. The detectives interrogate Aaron again and finally discover the truth about what happened to Robin & Billy.
Published 07/02/19
Arthur continues to spiral, leading Lucy to worry for his safety. While searching his house, Colleen and Pruitt discover more than they anticipated which takes the case in a surprising direction.
Published 06/25/19