Ep. 277 Best In Class: Finding Clarity & Manifesting Your Dream Life
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In this Best in Class episode, we have rounded up some of our favorite moments to give you a mini-master class on how to find clarity and manifest your dream life! We revisit a couple of our favorite episodes with Dr. Tara on the subject and explore topics like social media's impact on self-belief, destigmatizing career pivots, and why embracing curiosity can help call in those manifestations that are meant for you. Join us for tools, exercises, and insights that cut through the noise, providing clarity and actionable steps to propel you in your journey of personal growth. You might not always know what your best next step is, and sometimes hyper-specificity might be standing in your way–but this episode is a gentle reminder that there is always time to embrace your dance with the universe. Find the Complete Show Notes Here -> https://tobemagnetic.com/expanded-podcast
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