Ep. 284 - How To Set Goals, Build Habits, and Do ‘The Work’
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The New Year is here! Whether you’re on the ‘new year, new me train’, easing into the swing of things, or simply trying to catch up and stay on track – no matter where you are on the journey, it’s a good time to check in and get some tips, resources, and ideas that can inspire you on your way toward that most fulfilled and worthy self. In this Best in Class episode, we explore the subtle yet powerful distinction between resolutions and intentions, discovering how micro goals, habit stacking, journaling, and bundling pave the way toward your dream life. Unlock the essence of your aspirations, and decipher the "why" behind your goals and desires. Come along with us as we give you all the tangible strategies to help you break free from anything that's holding you back from living your most authentic, aligned life in 2024. Find the Complete Show Notes Here -> https://tobemagnetic.com/expanded-podcast
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