Ep. 296 - Just Manifested? Facing a Major Uplevel? Here’s Your Protocol:
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Are you in an uplevel right now? Meaning – do you feel yourself operating from a new level of self-worth? Maybe a big manifestation just came through or you simply find yourself pushing past your growth edge. If so, then get ready for your new uplevel protocol! Today Jessica, Lacy, and Janelle dive deep into the manifestation stage of Upleveling. They explore the intricacies of adjusting to new energies, the importance of taking time to rest and embrace integration, and how to navigate the emotional and psychological aftermath of realizing your dreams. The discussion spans the complexities of the nervous system's response to change, the crucial role of integration for sustainable growth, and practical advice on maintaining balance amidst transformation. Whether you're taking time to integrate and prepare for your manifestations, or have recently called in some manifestations and are already looking ahead to what’s next, this episode serves as your inspiring companion for navigating and celebrating the path to fulfilling your dreams. Find the Complete Show Notes Here -> https://tobemagnetic.com/expanded-podcast
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