Relationship Advice with MY BOYFRIEND!
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HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Today we're joined by my boyfriend, Charles (@charlie.caloy) to talk about relationship advice & give some insights on our own relationship! We've been dating for about 4.5 years (since I was a senior in highschool, and I'm now a senior in college!) I hope you guys enjoy this podcast & learn more about to how maintain a healthy relationship! Love, Ashley --- Support this podcast:
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This is probably one of the best podcasts we have recorded 😳I hope this advice will be super useful (especially the skits LOL) & that it helps you guys through your college transition! Once again, feel free to DM us (or comment) on our IG @extradynamicpodcast with your thoughts/experiences!...
Published 07/25/21
I'M BACK AND HERE TO STAY! I'm so excited to restart the podcast :)) I'm planning on posting either weekly or biweekly + I'll be doing more structured podcasts on certain topics as well as podcasts with friends and family! Remember to visit our IG @extradynamicpodcast (or my personal IG...
Published 07/18/21
IM BACK AGAIN LOL! Sorry for the break during my midterms, I'm so excited to be back and there will be plenty of podcasts to come! Stay connected by following @extradynamicpodcast on IG, or my personal account @aaashleyk !   --- Support this podcast:
Published 04/12/21