Assessing Online Student Learning: How You Can Gauge Activities and Writing Through Online Assessment
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In the past year, many instructors worried that their online teaching presence might miss the in-person cues they picked up on with students in the classroom. In turn questions arose: How do you assess your students online? How do you make sure they’re learning the content? How do you gauge student learning through online activities?  In this episode, we'll provide ideas on how you can implement check points into your online teaching, and how you can use student-created videos to assess students in your online class. Additionally, we'll touch on how you can create writing assignments that can be used as an effective means of assessment, and how focusing on the process of writing can help foster student learning. Resources mentioned: How Can I Gauge Online Learning Through Engaging Activities and Assessments?How Can I Assess Students in My Online Classes Through Student-created Videos?Effective Writing Assessment in the Online ClassroomThis week's episode is sponsored by the Teaching Professor Virtual Conference. Join the conference anytime and anywhere from June 7 through September 30, where you'll have on-demand access to plenaries, sessions, downloadable handouts, and networking opportunities. 
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