Live with Stephanie Dunson: Embracing the Messy Parts of Academic Writing
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In episode 12, we chat with Stephanie Dunson, PhD, who recently started her own podcast: 100 Mistakes Academic Writers Make...and How to Fix Them. In this interview, we talk about embracing the messy parts of writing and acknowledge that those messy parts are most often necessary to create a piece of published work. Additionally, Dunson explains how we can be so focused on the end result, that sometimes we forget to step back and acknowledge the gaps that we're missing in our own writing. She offers questions to think about when writing and how this can foster a more intentional writing process. Also, stay tuned for a sneak peek into the upcoming podcast episodes she's most excited for. Resources: Stephanie Dunson's podcast: 100 Mistakes Academic Writers Make...and How to Fix ThemTaking My Career to the Next Level: Grant Writing Tips and ResourcesHow Can I Write Better Letters of Recommendation?How Can I Extend My Research to the Public with a Podcast?
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