What is a digital fashion CEO?
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Are you looking for a way to expand your brand and business? I am starting a new series called The Digital Fashion CEO, where I share my story behind Nicolita and the Sold Out Launch. Don’t miss out on this series. Listen now! Digital Fashion CEO Series - https://bit.ly/NicoleDiRocco Free Fashion Resources: bit.ly/FASHIONRESOURCES Sponsorship Opportunities: hello@fashionbizmentor.com Instagram: instagram.com/nicole_di_rocco/
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Can a Fashion Business launch a digital product? My guest is James Wedmore. He helps online entrepreneurs GROW & SCALE their businesses into 6 and 7-figure empires. Listen now to how brands are growing their revenues and creating unique customer experiences with digital products. Digital...
Published 05/23/21
Are you still shipping products from your kitchen table? This new episode is all about the pros and cons of working with a fulfillment center! Don’t miss this special listener-generated episode, listen now! Instagram: instagram.com/nicole_di_rocco/ Free Fashion Resources:...
Published 05/21/21