Why Diddy’s Apology Is ‘About All the Benjamins,’ Not Remorse for Assaulting Cassie Ventura | Ep 698
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Days after the release of surveillance video showing Diddy violently attacking his ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura, the hip-hop icon took to social media to apologize. His statement on the repulsive footage was absent of two things: Ventura’s name and any modicum of sincerity. The music mogul’s message was a Hail Mary to save face and finances, and Jason says Diddy needs to apologize for much more than the vile attack; he needs to acknowledge his role in rap music and its toxic effect on America. Shemeka Michelle joins “Fearless” to address Diddy. Stephen A. Smith used the Pacers-Knicks game to ratchet up the absurdity he’s willing to endure for a paycheck at ESPN. Steve Kim joins the show to discuss Smith’s antics, plus Kendrick Perkins’ commonsense message about Bronny James that triggered his LeBron-loving female cohosts. Nikola Jokic faded down the stretch dropping the series to Anthony Edwards and the Timberwolves. Jason believes it’s time for a super team in Denver to support the reigning NBA MVP; Jay Skapinac drops in to discuss what the Nuggets’ off-season could look like. We want to hear from the Fearless Army!! Join the conversation in the show chat, leave a comment or email Jason at [email protected] Visit https://TheBlaze.com. Explore the all-new ad-free experience and see for yourself how we're standing up against suppression and prioritizing independent journalism. ​​Today's Sponsors: Use my code FEARLESS at https://Good Ranchers.com and with your subscription you can claim free American Wagyu burgers for a year (a $400 value) AND support veterans this Memorial Day season. PrizePicks is America’s #1 fantasy sports app with over 3M active members. You can turn $10 into $1,000 with Basketball, Hockey, and Baseball entries today! Right now, PrizePicks will match your first deposit of up to one hundred dollars! Go to https://PrizePicks.com/fearless and use code FEARLESS. Daily Fantasy Sports Made Easy! Support healthy blood flow and deliver more vitamins, nutrients and minerals to your entire body. Get started now for a healthier, happier you by visiting https://CardioMiracle.com/FEARLESS. Receive 10% off your first order; 15% if you choose to subscribe and save. They also offer a 60-day no risk 100% money back guarantee. Get 10% off Blaze swag by using code Fearless10 at https://shop.blazemedia.com/fearless Make yourself an official member of the “Fearless Army!” Support Conservative Voices! Subscribe to BlazeTV at https://get.blazetv.com/FEARLESS and get $20 off your yearly subscription. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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