Live Q&A Session #10: Diversity & Inclusion in leadership with Dr. Anino Emuwa. How to promote more women in leadership?
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The live session shared via LinkedIn Live with Dr. Anino Emuwa in the spring of 2021 is now available for streaming!   Dr. Anino Emuwa was named one of the top 125 Diversity and Including experts to follow on LinkedIn & she has spoken at prestigious conferences and institutions including Forbes, University of Cambridge, France’s National Assembly, and TechPark Davos, to name a few. An executive strategist, she works with high-achieving women CEOs and founders, and she is a coach and mentor for several global organizations. She is the founder of several communities of women, including 100 [email protected] and the Africa Women CEOs Network. As the Managing Director of the strategy and financial advisory firm, Avandis Consulting in France contributes to UN SDG5 Target 5.5 on ensuring the equal participation of women in leadership.  Follow Dr. Anino Emuwa on LinkedIn: Check out Anino’s first podcast interview:  Episode Timeline: 01:18 What is diversity & inclusion in leadership? 03:40 How did you tap into the diversity & inclusion space? 06:21 What did you decide to do when it came to the lack of representation of women in leadership?  08:30 What are the qualities of inclusive leadership? 10:22 What are the benefits of diversity & inclusion in business? 13:05 What advice do you have for those who have issues attracting talent?  15:50 What do we do when we know that leadership teams are not conscious of their biases? 20:55 What do you advise leaders that believe they do not have the power to change? 27:50 What advice have you gathered from mentoring leaders? 30:45 What do you advise people who want to have a career in the diversity & inclusion space?
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