S03 E01 Confidence: How to build the confidence to go for your dreams with Yan Fan, co-founder and CTO of Code Chrysalis
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Confidence | Founder | Coding Bootcamp | CTO | Software Engineering | Code Chrysalis | Speaker | Diversity in Tech | Women Empowerment Yan Fan is changing the way Asia trains software engineers. She is the co-founder and CTO of Code Chrysalis, a coding Bootcamp in Tokyo.  She started Code Chrysalis because she was brimming with ideas on best teaching programming and developing top software engineering talent. Code Chrysalis helps individuals change their careers through our programs and works with large enterprises to re-engineer their teams.  Code Chrysalis is Yan's second coding Bootcamp. Yan co-founded and served as CTO of her first coding school in Jordan, helping refugees in 2016. Among Yan's accolades, she is a co-creator at @speakherjapan, promoting women speakers in Japan. At the same time, she is a board member of Waffle Org, where women in secondary schools & high schools learn about the importance of IT. In this episode, you will hear about building companies passionately, searching for your path, and finding it in yourself to move forward even if it means to quit, so you can start doing what you have envisioned to do.  Follow Yan Fan on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yanfan/  Follow Yan Fan on Twitter: @yanarchy  Find out more info about Code Chrysalis: https://www.codechrysalis.io/ Episode Timeline: 00:33 News: Top 5 Finalist as ‘Initiative of the Year’ at the Nordic Women in Tech Awards 05:20 Confidence as an outlier. 06:40 How did you decide to become a founder? 08:49 Would you change the path you chose when you finished high school?  11:00 The importance of failing. 12:30 What is confidence? 17:50 What destroys confidence? 18:55 Do you see a difference between the confidence level of men & women? 21:25 What do women tell themselves about being successful?  23:25 What did you tell yourself when you started your first company? 26:40 What do you recommend to people who are afraid to fail? 29:00 What reflections have you done before starting a business? 32:00 How did you decide on your career change? 36:45 Final 5 Fire Questions Book recommendations: Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men by Caroline Criado-PerezIn the FLO: Unlock Your Hormonal Advantage and Revolutionize Your Life  by Alisa VittiYan would change place with Elaine Welteroth, American journalist, editor, author, and television host.
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