Freshness and Grinding, Part 1: Protecting your coffee's flavours
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For your coffee to taste its best, it’s crucial you buy fresh roasts and grind fresh.… .….Or maybe not.  When I began creating this episode, I was convinced that ‘fresh is best’. But, after delving into the science of coffee freshness, I don’t believe that anymore.  This episode goes deep into how diffusion and oxidation changes a coffee’s flavours. You’ll learn what it takes to store your coffee grounds unbelievably well. So well, that if you do it right, you will struggle to taste the difference between two month old coffee compared to those same beans freshly ground! But here’s the weirdest thing: Maybe, just maybe, you will prefer old coffee more than the fresh stuff. ---------- Please spread the word about The Science of Coffee! Discover how I make these Filter Stories episodes by subscribing to my Substack newsletter.  Leave a 5 star rating on Spotify Follow me on Instagram and tag me in an Instagram story Write a review on Apple Podcasts Explore Mahlkönig’s range of world leading grinders, trusted by baristas globally. Dive deeper into the science of coffee freshness Do a Certificate of Advanced Studies with the Coffee Excellence Centre Pick up a copy of the SCA’s Coffee Freshness Handbook Connect with my very knowledgeable guests Samo Smrke - Instagram 19 Grams Coffee Roasters in Berlin - Instagram Arnaldo Rodrigues - LinkedIn The Science of Coffee is made possible by these leading coffee organisations: BWT Water and More Marco Beverage Systems ROEST Sustainable Harvest Mahlkönig The Science of Coffee is a spin-off series from James Harper's documentary podcast Filter Stories
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