Transitioning To Launch A New RIA By Taking On Passive Investors For Startup Capital With Ben Hockema
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Ben Hockema is the Founder of Illuminate Wealth Management, an RIA based out of Illinois that oversees $100 million in assets under management for 55 households. Ben's unique journey in the advisory world saw him rise from intern to partner over 13 years at a growing firm, only to discover a cultural mismatch. He navigated this challenge by engaging passive equity investors for his new startup RIA, enabling him to acquire a portion of his client base and establish the business he truly envisioned. Listen in as Ben shares his strategic journey in the financial advisory world and details his rapid growth from $16M to $100M in assets under management in three years. You'll also hear about his evolution from intern to partner, his realization of a misalignment with his firm's vision, and how he navigated the emotional challenges of leaving long-standing business relationships, finding invaluable support in a peer advisor study group and learning the power of asking 'dumb' questions for career growth. For show notes and more visit:
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