Turning Your Marketing Loss Leader Into A Positive Revenue Diversifier By Getting Clear About The Value with Dianne Nolin
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Dianne Nolin is the Managing Partner of Argent Bridge Advisors, a hybrid advisory firm based out of Virginia that oversees $500 million in assets under management for 350 households. Dianne uniquely enhanced her firm's marketing and profitability by transforming its loss-leading divorce financial planning service into a profitable revenue stream, recognizing its value and charging appropriately for the extensive time invested by her team. This shift in strategy capitalized on the existing benefits provided to clients and ensured fair compensation for their efforts. Listen in as Dianne shares her journey at Argent Bridge, from becoming aware of the firm's impactful service offerings to establishing new client relationships through divorce financial planning, which enhanced the firm's growth and referability in the divorce niche. We also discuss her transition to a more formal partnership structure, her approach to clear value communication, and the realization that her strength lies in knowing whom to consult rather than having all the answers. For show notes and more visit: https://www.kitces.com/374
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