Creating A Client Deliverable That Focuses On Behavior Over Returns With Custom Intelligrations with Hans Blake
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Hans Blake is the founder of Intelligent Investing, an RIA based out of South Carolina that oversees $50 million in assets under management for 40 households. What’s unique about Hans is how he developed Intelligrations, a financial dashboard software that simplifies clients' financial data into a single-page, comprehensive visual overview of their assets, through his desire to create a more centralized dashboard for his clients and his deep fascination of technology as a behavioral finance tool. Listen in as Hans shares his journey from the initial concept of Intelligrations, focusing on high-level financial goals and guiding client behaviors, to its development into a comprehensive software integrated with industry vendors. We also discuss how he positions Intelligent Investing as a boutique advisory for high-net-worth executives—emphasizing core values to highlight the firm's approach and distinguish between long-term and short-term clients—his discovery process for understanding client finances and values, and how he has transformed initial rejections into opportunities. For show notes and more visit:
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