Expanding Capacity For $500M Of Organic AUM Growth In Just 4 Years By Increasing The Density Of Team Talent with Andrew Leonard
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Andrew Leonard is the Managing Partner of Geometric Wealth Advisors, an RIA based out of Washington, D.C. that oversees approximately $750 million in assets under management (AUM) for 200 clients. Andrew's firm stands out for tripling its AUM in four years, achieving this growth by mirroring the management consulting approach of their clientele—focusing first on scaling their team's talent density through careful hiring and training, then determining the number of new clients they can onboard annually based on the team's growth capacity. Listen in as Andrew shares insights on Geometric's growth strategies, from adopting management consulting firm lessons for hiring and training to the early appointment of a COO for overcoming people-management hurdles. We also discuss how he maintains a vibrant company culture virtually, provides high-touch services to affluent clients, and integrates unique investment opportunities—all while navigating the firm's expansion through the ‘dangerous middle’ from $200 million to $2 billion in AUM. For show notes and more visit: https://www.kitces.com/380
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