Unblocking Clients That Won’t Implement With A Journey Of Financial Health with Danielle Howard
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Danielle Howard is the owner of Wealth By Design, a hybrid advisory firm based out of Colorado that oversees about $35 million in assets under advisement for 35 client households. Danielle's unique "Financial Fingerprints To Footprints" process assists clients who have difficulty implementing financial plans by uncovering and addressing their money memories. This approach helps them understand how past financial lessons shape their current financial identities and may hinder future goal achievement. Listen in as Danielle shares how she structures her financial planning engagements, using a 5-meeting sequence focused on understanding the client’s financial situation and the psychological factors influencing their money management. She discusses her transition to a planning-centric business, influenced by personal experiences with life planning questions, and explains how she adapts her client headcount to suit different life stages. We also explore the unique contributions women can make in the financial planning industry, Danielle’s evolving definition of success, and the personalized career paths available in the industry that allow for personal fulfillment while aiding clients in achieving their financial goals. For show notes and more visit: https://www.kitces.com/385
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