Turning Impostor Syndrome Anxiety Into A Strength That Drives Client Referrals with Dann Ryan
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Dann Ryan is a Managing Partner at Sincerus Advisory, an RIA based in New York City that oversees approximately $165 million in assets under management for nearly 150 client households. Despite 17 years in the financial advisory business, Dann's persistent imposter syndrome fuels his anxiety before every client meeting, driving him to maintain high standards and accountability. This relentless pursuit of excellence has enabled Dann to build a thriving financial planning business that consistently attracts new client referrals. Listen in as Dann shares how he and his partner have successfully quintupled their AUM in five years through exceptional client service that spurred referrals and led to a waitlist system, and why they continue to use an AUM fee model despite a shift towards more planning-centric services. He discusses his early career at a fee-only advisory when such paths were less common, the long hours spent building financial plans as crucial career investments, and his decision to start his own firm after not becoming a partner at his previous job. We also explore his agile approach to financial planning, his openness to incorporating clients' investment ideas, and how serving a diverse client base while building lasting relationships has helped manage his imposter syndrome and enhance his career success. For show notes and more visit: https://www.kitces.com/386
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