Lakers beat Suns, Under Duress List, Refs the biggest reason Mavs lost?
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00:00 Were the refs the biggest reason for the Mavs loss? /Can the Lakers keep this momentum up after win? ((Check out the updated NBA playoff bracket and standings HERE)) 11:34 Broussard’s Under Duress List 18:19 Nick's NBA Medals/ Ja Morant scores 17 coming off the bench Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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00:00 Who is winning Game 3: Heat or Nuggets? 16:08 Good or bad idea for Lakers to extend AD? 23:20 Report: Ja Morant's team is claiming gun from IG Live was a toy 33:17 Will Dame Lillard's loyalty to Portland keep him from a title? 43:17 Who would a title mean more for: Nikola Jokic or Jimmy...
Published 06/07/23
00:00 What would a Miami Heat Game 3 win prove? /Would Jokic scoring 40 be bad for Denver? 19:01 Report: Kyrie shutting down notion he wants to join Lakers 29:52 Jimmy Butler: "I'm not a scorer... Playoff Jimmy narrative is not a thing." 34:53 Okay with the Chiefs still playing the underdog...
Published 06/06/23
Published 06/06/23