Zelenskyy urges allies not to turn a blind eye to Russian air strikes on Ukraine - April 15, 2024
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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy condemns Iran's attacks on Israel and said his country, like Israel needs help from its allies to fend off threats from the air. The latest from Anna Chernikova in Kyiv on what the U.N. nuclear watchdog is saying about the safety of the Russian occupied nuclear power plant in Ukraine. Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine over two years ago, divisions have arisen between congressional Democrats and Republicans over sending military aid to Kyiv. VOA’s Senior Washington Correspondent Carolyn Presutti explains how the two presidential frontrunners differ on how to handle the Russian war in Ukraine. How citizens India say they were duped by Russia into fighting on Ukraine’s front lines.
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Russia said Monday it plans to hold drills simulating the use of battlefield nuclear weapons as part of a military exercise after what Moscow said were threats from France, Britain, and the United States. A barrage of weekend Russian drone strikes hit civilian targets as Ukrainians celebrated the...
Published 05/06/24