Finally F%cking Free
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In the second part of Carlie Craig’s powerful interview, we not only get a glimpse into how Gabrielle and her boyfriend Tay were affected by her exes actions, we also find out what happened after Carlie found out the truth. And what she turned her pain into? Makes it all SO freaking worth it. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
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Published 06/29/22
If you ever felt like it was too late for you to go after something in your life or questioned if you’re too old…too insecure…to unknowledgeable…this is the episode for you. Kwavi joins this weeks episode to light a fire of inspiration under your ass! Support this podcast at —...
Published 06/29/22
Have you ever been in a relationship & found yourself spending a lot of time worrying about your partner? Maybe you’re afraid of being cheated on or left. Or always preparing for the worst and worrying about things you can’t control. Katrin Berndt joins Gabrielle to break down what it means...
Published 06/22/22