The Quest for Flavor Parity: in Conversation with Nourish Ingredients
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What does the future hold for alternative proteins? Are they going to reach widespread adoption in the next few years?  Many seem to think so. A systemwide transition towards them would indeed benefit people and the planet. However, obstacles still stand in the way of a wider uptake. For animal-free to be successful with consumers, they must deliver on flavor, texture, sustainable sourcing, and price parity  - a tall order for many companies. Despite the hurdles, the game is still on, and one way to improve flavor and texture is to look at one of the most overlooked elements of the dairy and meat experience: fats and oils. Joining us for the latest episode of FoodTech Junkies is precision fermentation wizard James Petrie, co-founder and CEO of Nourish Ingredients. This Food Tech company creates animal-free fats using synthetic biology and recently secured $28.6 million in Series A funding to scale production and extend product development. Want to learn more? Tune in! About Dr James Petrie Dr James Petrie is CEO of Nourish Ingredients, an Australian-based developer of animal-free fats using synthetic biology. Dr Petrie is an experienced crop metabolic engineer having spent 13 years at CSIRO, Australia's Governmental Research Agency, before co-founding Nourish Ingredients in 2019. As CEO of Nourish, James is turning his expertise in synthetic biology to the animal-free meat and dairy space, with his company having just announced a $28.6MN USD Series A funding round to advance their efforts in the space. About Nourish Ingredients Nourish creates fats for the next generation of delicious alternative proteins, so they cook, smell, and taste just like the real thing, animal-free. They believe that taste is the most critical challenge for the alternative protein sector, and alt-protein foods must win the hearts and taste-buds of even the most devout lovers of meat and dairy for the sector to truly tap into the mainstream.   Imagine the texture of a juicy roast chicken or the aroma of a succulent beef burger, but from plant-based meat. Nourish fats make a transformative impact on alternative proteins.
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