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Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United! I repeat, Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United! ✈️ In this week's episode of Football Shootball, Siva Sapre & Karthik talks about the deadline day transfers, both G.O.A.T's changing their clubs, and favorite summer transfers. They also discuss Chelsea vs Liverpool, Arsenal's - Oh Man City loss, and some reactions on AMN's post. For all these fun updates, banter, & more, tune in to Football Shootball every Wednesday! #Recognize You can also catch Siva, Sapre & Karthik once a week on: Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChLpZtmxPs2nb6Xq7IXFOug Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ivmpodcasts Plus, don't miss out on updates and predictions from the Football Shootball Fantasy Premier League. Football Shootball Fantasy Premier League code: 3HDRUY Talk to Gaurav on Twitter: @sapre and Instagram: @gsapre Talk to Karthik on Twitter and Instagram: @iyerant Talk to Siva on Twitter and Instagram: @fickleberryhunn You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android: https://ivm.today/android or iOS: https://ivm.today/ios, or any other podcast app.
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Manchester United after getting Ragnick as manager: Karara Jawab Milega! In this week's episode of Football Shootball, Siva & Karthik talk about Ralf Rangnick's transfer to Manchester United, Lukaku's dry spell in scoring goals, Manchester City's squad game, and Liverpool's chance to become...
Published 12/01/21
Call to Glazer: Pochettino in, Carrick out? In this week's episode of Football Shootball, Siva, Sapre & Karthik are back from their international break as well. Manchester United's loss against Watford and Arsenal's facing their crushing defeat against Liverpool. They also talk about Aguero's...
Published 11/24/21
Published 11/24/21