Bette Midler's "For the Boys!" - "We Remember You"
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We’re back! For the 30th Anniversary of FOR THE BOYS we are giving it the full FOR THE GIRLS treatment. That’s right, girls, it’s a holiday special episode where we celebrate Bette Midler’s 1991 War Epic, update you on the past present and future of this podcast, and give you all the Diva News! So light a goddess candle and get ready to Billy-A-Dick down to the U.S.O as we go through every 20th Century American war, all of Bette’s period fashions, the Make-up, the vocals, and the Antifa-Divas of the early 90s. The only Woman’s War Movie must be celebrated! This is the apotheosis of Bette’s career, and it was criminally under-celebrated at the time so let’s get to lauding this true Diva Classic. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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