Nomadland! with Chris Feil! "SaVAnnah Guthrie"
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It's Oscar week and we have invited critic, podcaster and Oscar savant, Chris Feil from This Had Oscar Buzz to join us at the altar of the Nomads! That's right, it is time to stan for our divas: Frances McDormand, Chloe Zhao, Linda May and Swankie!!! Tear up those lesson books, kids, because we are talking about art this week. We three matinee ladies are sitting by the fire discussing Community and Solitude, Fran's career, Chloe's meteoric rise and Linda May's Oscar campaign. So grab your 7 gallon bucket, name your travel van and meet us out on the range. We are diving deep into the genius well of Chloe Zhao's work, stories of returning to an actual movie theater and of course everything Academy Awards. So pick up your ballot and get ready to mark every box for the transcendent movie of the year: NOMADLAND. Swankie Hive RISE!!! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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