The Pointer Sisters! "Super Powers"
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It's Diva You Should Know Week and we are celebrating the truly virtuosic genre-shifting multitudes of Ruth, Anita, Bonnie and June Pointer! Come with us through the Quartet of the 70s, the Trio of the 80s and the musicology of one of the most important music groups in history. We are worshipping these underusing superheroes this week as we review our favorite tracks, discuss their eclectic bop-filled library and cleanse our algorithms with this perfect music. Come for the hits, stay for the music theory. We are out here demanding miniseries, art installations and statues erected to these iconic women of music. It should be Automatic! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Battle Angels! We are moving the podcast in its entirety to our Patreon! So, we are reuniting on here, to tell you about it, the future of the pod, Barbie, the Meg, Haunted Guest Houses and of course a little Shelley Winters. We are back- kind of. Have a quick listen as we chart our new...
Published 08/02/23
Published 08/02/23
This episode is from our vault it was originally recorded and released in March 2021 in honor of the documentary "TINA" being released. We are re-releasing this episode in honor of the Diva's passing. We hope it brings comfort to all you fans in mourning. The day has finally come to honor,...
Published 05/24/23