THE STORYTELLERS or: When Freaknik Meets Juan Ep
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The One where Chris meets the hip-hop podcast OGs. Juan Ep, the original hip-hop podcast, is back. Chris sat down with Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg to talk about the return of their legendary series. Juan Ep drops September 24.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Same jokes, new format. Juan Ep the original hip-hop podcast is back, featuring Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg. This season, we dig deep into the life and music of the iconic Jay-Z. Subscribe to Juan Ep now: more about your ad choices. Visit
Published 09/24/19
The One where Chris and Savannah are on some ill “Buddy Cop” s**t.As our series draws to a close, we discuss the possible future of Freaknik, and how Atlanta stays keeping “America Great Again" and again and again...Noom: Start your trial today at Learn more about your ad...
Published 08/20/19
The One where Atlanta Segregates Itself as an Outlier in the American South.Freaknik comes to a close in the "City Too Busy To Hate."SimpliSafe: Get free shipping and a money-back guarantee at Hims: Listeners get a trial month of Hims for just $5 at
Published 08/13/19