The News Quiz - 3rd March
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Andy Zaltzman is joined by Simon Evans, Felicity Ward, Samira Ahmed and Alasdair Beckett-King. This week, we’ll be finding out what’s up with Matt Hancock’s WhatsApps, who wins with the Windsor Framework, and who King Charles had round for tea. Hosted and written by Andy Zaltzman with additional material from Alice Fraser, Zoë Tomalin, Rhiannon Shaw and Jade Gebbie. Producer: Georgia Keating Executive Producer: Richard Morris Production Co-ordinator: Becky Carewe-Jeffries Sound Editor: Marc Willcox A BBC Studios Production
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Andy Zaltzman quizzes the week’s news.
Published 05/26/23
Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis present the week via topical stand-up and sketches.
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