National Boob Day, Jacksonville Chicken Man and Aliens Fighting Chinese Dragons
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Todays show is a titillating, heaping handful of Florida fun!  In BEST TRENDS, it’s National Boob Day, and National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!  How is Jon Reep going to celebrate both of these special events on the same day?  Jon explains the history of the ice cream sandwich, as well as trolls PETA about post they made today. Then, Jon revisits a Small Town News story about a man who was arrested for killing his neighbor’s pet chicken.  Jon talks to the chicken killer, James Nix Jr., and gets his side of the story. In SMALL TOWN NEWS, Jon reports on the story of a man who claims President Biden told him to drive a stolen truck to Patrick Space Force Base to notify US aliens about fighting Chinese dragons.  And Jon believes him? And finally, Jon gives his listeners another chance to win his money in this week's round of HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK?  This week's check is from Jon's work on the show RODNEY... how much did he get, and who's the lucky winner of his check?  
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