369: Beth Buelow - Beyond the Label: Exploring Creative Identity in Photography
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In this week's episode featuring Beth Buelow, the conversation explores the profound impact of labels on a photographer's creative journey. They discuss the dual nature of labels—how they can serve as useful cognitive shortcuts and create a sense of identity and confidence for photographers, but can also limit creative exploration and growth. By sharing personal experiences and examining the tension between embracing and resisting labels in the face of evolving technology like AI, Matt Payne and Beth Buelow encourage photographers to embrace challenges, adaptability, and failure as tools for creativity. The episode culminates with the introduction of Beth's platform, Pixels, which aims to inspire photographers through creativity cross-training, balancing the art and heart of photography while fostering a community for continual growth and evolving artistic identity. Resources Mentioned on the Podcast: Sail the Chilean Fjords with me or see my other workshops TJ Thorne Landscape Photographer's Worldwide Discord Server Out of Chicago LIVE conferences David Whyte Poetry The Introvert Entrepreneur Beth's "Pixels: The Heart and Art of Photography" Channel Support the podcast on Patreon, or join in on the conversation about this episode Photographers Recommended by Beth: Stephanie Johnson Erik Lee
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