Narayan Mahon is a lifestyle-generalist photographer, his clients include ESPN magazine and Rolling Stone magazine. He talks about how showing your true self to the client can get you hired. See his photos at www.narayanmahon.com
Published 08/18/15
Ewan Burns started out in the military which helped him create good habits. He started his photography career after studying the battle field and the emotion that comes from it.  In his podcast he talks about how his style was created and how he has taken his war style photography into the real world. See his website atwww.ewanburns.com
Published 08/13/15
Mimika Cooney is an award-winning photographer who shoots weddings, fashion and also has a TV show. See her website at  www.mimikacooney.com
Published 08/11/15
Leon Steele is a commercial and fine art photographer who does some amazing fine art work photographing horses. He talks in the podcast about how commercial photography for him is a means to shoot more of what he loves. See his website at www.leonsteele.com
Published 08/06/15
Shavonne Wong is an award-winning photographer based in Singapore. As a fashion photographer she is able to express and cultivate her interests, specifically in producing images that capture the heart, soul and character of a person. It also gives her the chance to work with other amazingly talented people and for prominent brands, while photographing exquisite clothing and gorgeous models. www.zhiffyphotography.com
Published 08/04/15
Shannon O Hara is a food photographer based in Houston, Texas. He believes that being flexible with the client's needs will help a photographer create a more steady income. He also talks about one of his first shoots where his sense of humor was taken in the wrong way and lost him a client. See his work at www.shannonohara.com
Published 07/30/15
Sean Alonzo Harris is an environmental photographer based in Portland, Maine. He talks in the podcast about how to he is romantic about doing personal projects. He talk of the importance of constantly finding things that inspire you. See his work at www.seanalonzoharris.com
Published 07/28/15
Rachid Dahnoun is an adventure photographer based in Lake Tahoe. He spent almost 8 years just snowboarding and enjoying his life before he decided to go back to photography. When he sensed that opportunity was coming he was already prepared for it. See his photos at  www.rachidphoto.com.
Published 07/23/15
Antoine Doyen is a photographer based in Europe. He talks about how to stay in business even if times are rough in their market.  He also talks about how your old work can attract new clients even if you don't think it will. See his work at www.antoinedoyen.net
Published 07/21/15
Kwaku Alston is a celebrity photographer who's clients include President Obama, Ashton Kutcher, Brad Pitt and many more. In the interview he talks about how usage rights can get tricky when working with celebrities. He also talks about how shooting fast can sometimes be your best attribute when working with celebrities. See his work at kwakualston.com
Published 07/16/15
Andrew Scrivani is a table top, still life and food photographer who is also getting jobs because of his art direction skills. He talks about how to concentrate on one thing when starting out in photography. See his work at www.andrewscrivani.com
Published 07/14/15
Seth Lowe is a lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Illinois. He talks about how what is "IN" in social media does not always get you good business. Sometimes being patient pays off more than a One Hit Wonder. See his photos at www.sethlowephoto.com
Published 07/09/15
Scott Galvin concentrates on higher education photography. He works with Universities and Institutions to bring out what they can offer to potential students. He talks in the podcast about how he manages his business and how he stays in business with his clients. See his website at www.scottgalvinphoto.com
Published 07/07/15
Justin Barton is a commercial, editorial and interior photographer who finds it easy to say yes to client events without prior experience in that type of photography. He sees it as a challenge to shoot new types of things. See his portfolio at www.justinbarton.com
Published 07/02/15
Ricky Rhodes is an editorial photographer who has worked with Google and The Wall Street Journal. He also talks about how buying expensive gear can be a common mistake when starting your career. See his website at  www.rickyrhodes.com
Published 06/30/15
Christian Couzens is a London based photographer who once dreamt of making it huge in the music industry as a DJ. He is in his 9th year as a photographer and he believes that when you keep moving, you will get somewhere. See his photos at www.christiancouzens.com
Published 06/25/15
Gabriel Jones describes himself as an artist who uses photography. He is also a curator and at times he shoots video on some of his jobs. See his website at www.gabrieljones.net
Published 06/23/15
Tom Kennedy is the executive director of  the American Society of Media Photographers. He also worked as an editor and photographer in various companies in the past. He talks about how ASMP helps make a photographer's business simple and not detrimental. See his personal work at www.kennedymedia.net
Published 06/18/15
Shane Bevel does not believe in doing free work. He talks in the podcast about how you must grow with your clients or else you need to fire them. See his work at www.shanebevel.com
Published 06/16/15
Peter Baker is a graphic artists as well as a photographer. He talks about how multitasking can be a great marketing strategy as work comes from all directions. See his website at www.peterbaker.net
Published 06/11/15
Fat Tony is a BMX and Crossfit Photographer who worked his way from riding BMX bikes and shooting his friends to shooting Crossfit. See his portfolio at www.fattonybmx.com
Published 06/09/15
Scott Gable is a commercial photographer who  has shot for Siemens, GE and ESPN. He talks about how he got lost in the mountains of China just to shoot for a personal project. He was out in the mountains for 4 days with nothing but his gear. Check his website at www.scottgable.com
Published 06/04/15
Ronny Rozenberg is a documentary style photographer who is fascinated with capturing important events as they happen. He talks about how he shot an election campaign in Uganda without any Press ID or special access. See his work at www.ronnyrozenberg.com
Published 06/02/15
Richard Bailey is a commercial and fine art photographer who shoots animals wearing expensive jewelry. He talks about how photography is one of the best ways to send a message to the world. See his website at www.richardbaileyphotography.co.uk/#/
Published 05/28/15
Ryan Nicholson is a commercial, portrait and editorial photographer based in Kansas City. He has been getting work through building his website and finding clients over the internet. See his website at  www.ryan-nicholson.com
Published 05/26/15