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We want to take your face... off! Listen as Megan and Scottye run down the synopsis for one of the most buckwild movies in the history of cinema! It's got crazy Nicolas Cage, crazier John Travolta and the most important location ever... FUTURE JAIL! How will our hosts create something out of something already so chaotic? 4 simple letters. ASMR. Support us on Patreon and get EARLY ACCESS to the show: https://www.patreon.com/ALoadofBS Get dat Merch: https://merch.aloadofpurebs.com/
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HELLO MY AMERICAN FRIENDS, ARE YOU READY TO FIGHT FOR AMERICA AND TAKE DOWN THAT PUNK, M BISON? Then hop along for some Fun Fiction! As Megan introduces Scottye to their new favorite movie in the form of Street Fighter: The Movie! It's an absolute beautiful mess starring Raul Julia, Jean Claude...
Published 05/19/22
Wait, what? We're not covering a Marvel thing this week? That's right, folks. We've finally broken the curse as we run down the FURY ROAD and discuss one of the greatest action flicks of all-time! Hear about its cursed production and Tom Hardy's amazing apology portrait before Megan gives us an...
Published 05/12/22