Gameplay: Stopping Meta Exploit, Defending Cutbacks & Overload Ball Side #W16
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Team Gullit's Coach and Manager Renzo joins the podcast along with game critic and consultant Brammers, FUT legend AirJapes and your host Ben. On this gameplay episode your panel get into: Defensive line issues How to solve players dropping too deep Using offside trap Brammers 41212(2) success AirJapes 'aggressive' 3412 Defensive pressing  Player Switching Champs Structure thoughts Overload ball side FIFA22 likes & dislikes so far Enter the 24k FIFA Point competition, get this week's Gameplay Episode (2 podcasts every week!) and keep FUT Weekly going (for just £3 a month) by becoming a Patreon over at!
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10 fairly significant gameplay changes have been made to FIFA22, a combination of a few that the community have asked for, and others that are designed to make the game more fun! A big thank you to EA and the gameplay team for making this podcast possible! Full Title Update #14 Notes:...
Published 07/07/22
Doctor turned YouTuber, its James, joins the panel, and with AirJapes away its up to esports commentator Richard Buckley and content creator MattFUTTrading to hold the fort, alongside your host Ben — they discuss: Bongo's Bingo Pound for Pound Powerhouses ShapeShifters Lozano ShapeShifters El...
Published 06/28/22
Published 06/28/22