When Sex Dolls Evolve Feat. Davecat, Dr. Marianne Brandon and Dr. Julie Carpenter
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In the second part of a two part series we continue our conversation with Davecat and how fell for synthetics and became a part of the iDollator community. He discusses how he popped the question to his sex doll wife Sidore and how he hopes that one day she’ll be a robot he can share his life with. We then get the psychologist point of view on sex dolls and robots. Dr Marianne Brandon has studied the future of sex for years and looks at how children born now may have their first sexual experience with a robot. Our final guest Dr. Julie Carpenter, a leading researcher in human connection and robotics talks about her research with the military and how humans are a lot more comfortable living with robots than we think. But what does the future hold? Will we be living together in harmony with robots any time soon? Think about how you interact with technology today and you might find, we already are... Guests Davecat Dr. Marianne Brandon Dr. Julie Carpenter Sponsors - We-Vibe http://www.we-vibe.com - Lover http://www.lover.io Find Us Online - Website: http://www.futureofsex.org - Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/futureofsex - Twitter: http://twitter.com/futureofsexshow - Merch: http://www.futureofsex.org/store Credits - Host: Bryony Cole. Twitter: @bryonycole, Website: http://www.bryonycole.co - Producers: Bryony Cole/David Lamb Instagram: @davylamb - Editor: Chad Michael Snavely Twitter: @chadmichael Website: http://www.chadmichael.com
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